Powerbuilder .NET to the Web: The HttpHandler pattern

1343737749_agt_webgbSince Powerbuilder 11 you can use WebForms deployment to bring you classic application to the web. The idea opening to the web was good, but WebForms lags in several ways. It isn’t compatible with browsers excepted the Internet Explorer and so e.g. the growing mobile device market next to Windows Phone is cut off. In Powerbuilder .NET WebForms deployment isn’t possible anymore.

Some developer were frustrated about the fact there isn’t a replacement to proceed this way. Appeon could work, but is a heavy solution. Powerbuilder 15 with the shiny new HTML5 Datawindow is even on the horizon.

It’s time to search for options. This article describes how to implement a rendering engine from the scratch in PB .NET. It’s not the idea to migrate an application to the web. It’s the idea to get some basics to build up a PB.NET Web framework. Have fun!

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Tracking App for Playbook using RESTful Powerbuilder Web Service


Let me tell you a story about a German US immigrant called Jason driving taxi in New York (this is the repeating excuse for some bad English pitfalls I’ll run into). He was unhappy about his CEO because he gets always calls like “Where you are?”, “How many guests do you drive?” and “Where is daily route document?”.

He read Yakov’s article about PowerBuilder and RESTful Web Services and wanted to learn more about RESTful Web Services in Powerbuilder. He asked himself : “Is it possible to create it instead just consuming it?”.

Yes it is! Let me show you how deep the rabbit hole goes Zwinkerndes Smiley.

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PB .NET Add-In: Generating Structures and NonVisualObjects from Datawindow

gbDon’t try to adjust your screen if you can’t read anymore what’s written in my blog. Yes it’s true! This is the first experimental English post here. This is for the English speaking Powerbuilder community I want to achieve.

So back to topic: What is this post about? Inspired by a small discussion in the Powerbuilder 12.5 beta newsgroup I created a small plugin to easily create some Structures and NonVisualObjects from a Datawindow.

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