PB .NET Add-In: Generating Structures and NonVisualObjects from Datawindow

gbDon’t try to adjust your screen if you can’t read anymore what’s written in my blog. Yes it’s true! This is the first experimental English post here. This is for the English speaking Powerbuilder community I want to achieve.

So back to topic: What is this post about? Inspired by a small discussion in the Powerbuilder 12.5 beta newsgroup I created a small plugin to easily create some Structures and NonVisualObjects from a Datawindow.

imageThis is very useful if you want to transfer data from or to a Datawindow by dot notation. If you have a lot of fields it can be a very painful job to create the Nonvisual and enter the variables in the correct order. Because of this Bruce Armstrong created a small tool called “Dw2Struct” that can do this for you in PB Classic. What I do is to extend the tool for NonVisuals and build a add-in around it.

So take a look at the code and the binaries. The Installation is easy. Just put it in a directory where Powerbuilder 12.5 .NET looks for add-ins. You can see what paths are observed by going to Extras->Options->Add-In. If you are not sure where to copy it, enter the path where you unpack the downloaded files. After restart the IDEs shows you two new entries in context menu of Datawindow. That’s it.

Have fun!


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